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how would you improve facebook birthdays

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how would you improve facebook birthdays

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Pain point/User needs: Before you dive into the solutions, you want to list what pain points or user needs the well wishers have and choose the top ones to solve. I’d like to evaluate these solutions in terms of impact to cost ratio and pick the ones that will help us achieve our objective to increase engagement. My understanding of Facebook Birthdays is that it is a capability to remind users of their friends’ birthdays, and give them a way to wish them. I really liked your approach to answering this. Consider listing a couple solutions that showcase your creativity, Detailed solutioning: I think it's a good idea to provide more detail about yoru solution. While you did a great job of prioritizing based on value and cost, you never explicitly mentioned your original success metric, and explain how each of the features would lead to an increase in the % of users that post on at least one friend's wall each day. I’d like to focus on the second group because I believe these are the users that 1) use the feature the least, and 2) represent a larger amount of users thus improving our chances to make an impact. C: Okay, facebook birthdays is a product that allows users to wish people in their social network on their birthdays. User makes their birthday visible to friend2. These phrases would be generic and easy to prefil, but take the time and thinking out of the process., but the more there used the more value that is lost for each post.c4: Must have: High Impact, High cost. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Goal: you set engagement as the key metric. Here are some of the features I'd suggest: I would use an Impact vs Cost model to prioritize the features. Add Answers or Comments. Does that summarizes the scope of the feature? Your feedback has been sent to the team and we'll look into it. I will go ahead and come up with some solutions on improvement for pain-point  #3. If this were to be true, it poses a high risk to feature success. birthday posts/DMs per user, overall and by segments, Increase in conversion from prompt to birthday posts/DMs, % of HP posts including emojis (daily/monthly), % of users using bday emojis (daily/monthly). To me, it provided a new dimension of birthday awareness. Trait Personafied:- Here well wisher while posting on brithday can select a trait among various options along with stickers related to that option. If we can get them to engage, it will create a network effect for their circle of friends. Facebook can integrate whatsapp to improve these types of interactions. By demography or usage etc. That being said, I’d like to improve engagement with the Birthday’s feature. To hide your birthday on Facebook, start by opening your profile on a web browser. Moreover, increasing engagement is also tied to more ads shown, and thereby more revenue. With these features, i will track Pre and Post behavior of the below metrices: 3. Just For Fun. The birthday user engages with the friend6. Friend made aware of user’s birthday4. User makes their birthday visible to friend2. I will like to use Engagement,Customer Satisfaction, Ease of Implementation as my compass to prioritze the solutions, Solutions                 Engagement      Customer Satisfaction      Ease of Implementation     Overall, Collage Maker              Med                        Low                                          Med                       C, Gift Recommendar      High                        High                                         High                     A, Trait Personafied         Med                         Med                                          Low                      B, Note:- In Overall Column, A means highest priority & C Means lowest priority. Through your answer, you provide your thinking process, define the question, list the potential solutions and their pros and cons. Did I miss something? Friends won't get a notification about your upcoming birthday if you don't share the day and month with them. Let me start by stating what the Facebook birthday feature is. Being social network is an essential part of every second internet user now a day mainly for Facebook user don’t want any more to follow the boring regular trend to wish their friends on his/her birthday. Let's hypothesize and build some criteria for success first. That being said, I'd like to improve engagement with the Birthday's feature.I think it's best if we define engagement more specifically so we can measure the success of our improvements. This may be a friend or acquaintance. Your page just gets flooded with people who would never even know it's your birthday otherwise, or probably wouldn't even say happy birthday if they saw you on the street. For step one, I think most users birthday audiences are set to friends by default so we shouldn’t focus our time there, and unless time stops we’re also ok with not focusing on step 2. I would like to propose Gift Recommendar engine that will provide huge source of satisfaction to both well wisher as well as birthday guy. I would track the metrics pointed out earlier to determine the success of the MVP and iterate accordingly. There are two segments of end-users here a) Birthday boys/girls b) Birthday wishers. First, I'm going to make sure I understand the Birthday product correctly and also define what specific business metric we're trying to improve. Happy Birthday Wishes, Greetings and Messages. You won't be able to address all the pain points on your first product launch so it's important to show that you can prioritize between various pain points, Out of the box thinking: List a couple solutions that speak to your thinking out of the box abilities, even if you disregard them later in the evaluation phase. A lot of people didn't write on my wall but texted me or saw me in person, etc. It just improves the scope of the interaction depending on interests. Persona: You described each persona well and did a good job choosing one to focus on. Interviewer: Sounds good, you can proceed. I do not like it, but many will. Go to your account settings and change your birth date to the date for next Tuesday. Click "Events" on the left side of your homepage. Close. They can easily send a message into the wall of them and also check a page with the details of their friendship. They have just another piece of information allowing them to know the users better. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. We want to improve engagement with the feature. Prioritize these pain points, and then list the solutions to these pain points and you will sound more structured using the same answer as above. (e.g. Are there any particular metrics that are affected or we want to improve upon? Recommended birthday list: show a subset of users in a recommended birthday area apart from the other users. 2. They have to individually go and write messages for all the folks that have birthdays on that day, and this takes time.5) Reluctance to write on friends’ walls – these friends prefer sending private messages on Messenger as opposed to writing on their friends’ walls. Allow them to share the photos together in the Instagram stories. Add a fast button to call in the Facebook Birthday page (I=2, R=1, E=1) [ just good friends would like to call to people without arrange the time before], Allow them to send a meme with the message in the Facebook Birthday page(I=1, R=1, E=1), Allow them to share the photos together in the Instagram/Facebook stories. I would suggest we prioritize these solutions based on value/effort to keep it simple. Then metrics on user adoption, engagement will improve substantially. How would you improve Facebook Birthdays? You can’t avoid it. can’t even come up with single witty sentence or other ways to say happy birthday? Why do we want to improve this feature? The more users it can get to come back onto the platform, the more opportunity it has to drive advertising revenue maximizing Facebook’s value as an advertising platform. I’m going to prioritize these painpoints by customer benefit (CB) and complexity (C) both on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being the lowest: #1: CB= 4, C=2#2: CB=3,C= 3#3: CB=4,C=2#4: CB=4,C=1#5: CB=3,C=1. And I would measure sucess: # OF USERS GIVING BIRTHDAY PRAISES (before and after), # OF PHOTO POSTED IN STORIES THROUGH FB BIRTHDAY PAGE, # MESSAGE IN FB WALL (before and after to check if there are any canibalization), INCREASE OF INTERACTION BETWEEN USERS (RESHARE, START OF CONVERSATION..). Click the triangle button that says “On“. This includes ex-girlfriends and ex-crushes, so who knows what could happen when you start “talking” again. They are certainly better, more personal ways to wish your loved ones and that is what most users would prefer. If we think of the birthday feature as an engagement loop we can begin to identify what metrics we care about.1. I see a difference in motivations and user habits here. c)1. 1. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you. Some additional metrics I’d look at outside of the % of users that post on at least one friends wall each day are: Great answer Anon. It takes a position at the top right of the page. It’s a birth anniversary of your friend, and people (not you, People!) A little birthday love goes a long way. Well, not anymore. This is a bit harder to achieve.6) Schedule automatic greeting card on future date. For assumption#1 As per my observation, birthdays are shown to users quite explicitly and clearly on the homepage. Working at Facebook means impacting billions of people around the world each day. I'm talking about when Facebook tells you it's your friend's birthday, or when they see yours, if you have it listed. Smart prefills: Look across mutual interest categories to add context to the wish. Would you like us to review something? On the top left of your Facebook News Feed page, click your name/profile picture. For assumption#2 Wishing birthdays on social medial channels are inherently impersonal. When I think about what we might want to improve about the birthdays feature, I first think back to why the Birthday’s feature exists. When I think about who uses this feature I think about a user’s relationships to the birthday user. Clarifying question: Ask clarifying questions to narrow down the scope of the questions and to make sure you are understanding the problem. This will also create a sweet spot for FB too among both of the friends. There are 2 audience selectors next to your birthday: one for the day and month and one for the year. Perhaps I would have elaborated more on the evaluation of the solutions and their pros and cons. If so, we'll show you how to import Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar. or should we stick to birthdays only? That being said, I'd like to improve engagement with the Birthday's feature. How to Wish Birthday on Facebook. Structure: Great structure of the answer. What do we mean by improving? I think how this is presented as well may be a challenge and time consuming addition.c2: Quick Win: Low cost, high impact. Resurfacing the chosen engagement metric during prioritization. FB birthdays is a feature that allows people to add their DOB to their profile, after which their friends would be notified on that day about the birthday. You can change who can see your birthday by adjusting the audience. Interview question for Senior Product Manager in Menlo Park, CA.How would you improve the Facebook birthday feature First, go to your profile page – while logged in – and click … UG1.1 - Friends who are remember though Facebook Birthday, UG1.1.1 - Write message in the Facebook Wall, UG1.1.2 - Send message via Whatsapp/Instagram, UG1.1.3 - Post pictures in Instagram Stories, UG1.1.4 - Send message via other social media, They are afraid friends won't see in the Facebook Walls, They think text is not enough to express their praise, They would like to hear the voice of their friend/see the friend, Add a fast button to call in the Facebook Birthday page, Allow them to send a meme with the message in the Facebook Birthday page. Then, as my first priority i would develop the feature which allows the user to share the photos together in the Instagram/Facebook stories. It keeps the users enagaged on an important occasion and also makes  the network stronger. You should now see the birthdays listed on the screen with today’s birthdays at the top. d1: Quick Win: High impact, low cost. Posting Happy Birthday on someone’s Facebook wall. The goal is to remind people of their friends' birthdays and thus create additional engagement between the congratulatee and congratulaters. Stop getting Facebook birthday notifications. on birthdays~ Send REAL flower delivery, cakes, etc. Before moving forward, I want to make sure I understand the FB birthday product and its users. In terms of ‘improvement’, do we want to look at a specific platform? The birthday user engages with the friend6. c.2 don't want to be too generic when wishing happy bd, but don't know what to say, c.3 friend not close enough, the BD notification is kind of spam by itself. Well wisher can write examples abt the same on birthday guys' post along with posting these. If you still don't receive the notification for birthdays, then follow these troubleshooting tips: Log out of Facebook by clicking the arrow on the top right corner and click "Logout"; clear cookies and cache, if you're using a computer; log in to Facebook and try again. You're really structured and thorough. For c - growth in % of users who congratulate their friends. Based on the analysis above, I would prioritize testing solutions 1 and 2. I know I sound so ridiculous for focusing on this stuff. Page created - February 7, 2017. This list would be comprised of people that you’ve engaged with in the past year but don’t fall in the ‘Friends’ category.2. FB birthdays promote fb users' bdays by letting people know its their friend's birthday and encouraging them to engage by sharing a birthday message, allowing friends to send birthday gifts, and making them feel special on their birthday. Does that summarizes the scope of the feature? For the sake of an out-of-the-box approach, I'd also take the liberty of expanding the scope of this feature beyond birthdays. Feature #3 Introduce personalization features such as collages, video messages, collective wishes from group of friends/ colleagues to share with everyone. For the sake of time, I’m going to choose #1. So, let me begin by describing the User groups first. Excellent answer. I think the metric we want to optimize for here is engagement around a birthday. I can think of follwoing solutions to bring delight to well-wishers:-, 1. It certainly gives users more private/personal options to wish as well. I know Facebook’s mission is to connect the world and bring it closer together. This may be a friend or acquaintance.

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