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materials science master's

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materials science master's

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The Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarships – Doctoral Program (CGS D) and the NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships – Doctoral (PGS D) program provide financial support to high-calibre scholars who are engaged in an eligible doctoral program. Because funding is limited, and intended to defray essential research costs rather than fully fund fieldwork, the following items will receive highest priority: It is the responsibility of the student to ensure the application is complete and has been through the appropriate approval channels. This committee is made up of the graduate program directors and one faculty member from each of the two universities (Trent University and Ontario Tech University). This support allows these scholars to fully concentrate on their studies and seek out the best research mentors in their chosen fields. Master of Science Degree (M.S.) A strong knowledge of natural sciences and material science combined with a passion for developing new material solutions makes you an eligible expert. Valued at up to $25,000, it’s a leadership development and career launcher program that builds on your studies. This travel scholarship will enable students to engage in research requiring travel. Satisfaction of minimum entry requirements does not ensure admission. For eligibility criteria, award values, application details and deadlines, visit the NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship website. Note that the application deadlines listed are for both the online application and all supporting documentation. Metallurgist 5. Project manager 7. Approximately 24 months, based on full-time study. the use of technology to promote optimal aging and aging in place. Awarded by The Gunhard A.E. For eligibility, application details and deadlines, visit the Zonta International website. We all have a shared history to reflect on, and each of us is affected by this history in different Master of Applied Science in Materials Engineering (MASc) Go to programs search. Up six places, ETH Zurich is now ranked 15th, although it’s not enough to be Switzerland’s highest-ranked institution as Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) has climbed one place to 10th. James F. Harvey was a member of the first McMaster graduating class in Hamilton in 1935. The purpose of the CNST is to develop a cadre of scholars and scientists with northern experience and, at the same time, to enhance the educational opportunities available for northern residents. Materials Science or Master of Science in Materials Science is a postgraduate Material Science and Engineering course.Material Science includes compounds, usually containing C-H bonds), which are the subjects of organic chemistry. What Does Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Mean to You? Funding is paid out in mid-February. Only one university has managed to break into the top 20 of this year’s materials science ranking. To be granted to a graduate student in any degree program who attains and “A” average and demonstrates financial need. Ontario Tech University is the brand name used to refer to the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. The application process differs for each competition, so review the information carefully to determine where and when you must apply. The CGS M Awards Program supports students in all research disciplines and is administered jointly by Canada’s three federal granting agencies: the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). Both are to support graduate study. Materials science is one of the oldest forms of applied science, with certain eras of time — such as the Stone, Bronze, and Iron ages — named after the material of major significance. Awards may be held at any university, research centre, think tank, or government agency in the United States. To be eligible to apply for this program, you must: If you wish to apply, please contact your department graduate administrator. For details about this and other funding opportunities, visit MIRA. Preference will be given to a student studying metallurgy. The H.G. The newly developed master’s degree program Materials Science and Engineering responds to the increased demand for experts with excellent, interdisciplinary training in materials science and engineering. The program provides both a broad and integrated overview of materials science and the opportunity for in-depth study of a particular problem emphasizing either theory or experimentation under the guidance of a research supervisor and a multi-disciplinary team of faculty. Dive into the world of nanoparticles and learn about the properties of materials, such as superconductors, insulators, and biomaterials, and how they are designed and synthesized. The intellectual origins of materials science stem from the Enlightenment , when researchers began to use analytical thinking from chemistry , physics , and engineering to understand ancient, phenomenological observations in metallurgy and … PhD theses will be recognized in even-numbered years, and Master’s theses recognized in odd-numbered years. Many of our graduate programs are extremely competitive; the number of qualified applicants normally exceeds the number of seats available for each intake. Faculty of Business and Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science, Business and Information Technology Building, Energy Systems and Nuclear Science Research Centre, Software and Informatics Research Centre (SIRC), Eligibility requirements and restrictions, Radiation Safety Committee (including Lasers), 2019 Undergraduate Research Award Recognition Event. Most Application forms are available on the Kimberley Foundation website. Fulbright Canada offers various scholarship awards within this program, with further information on the various award opportunities made available through the Canada-US Fulbright Program website. Such understanding facilitates the design of new materials with particular properties. A scholarship through Zonta International. Oravas Memorial Scholarship.pdf. Award recipients will be asked to voluntarily contribute a 250-word statement of how this award and travel contributed to their graduate experience, which may be posted on the Graduate Studies and GSA websites and other media sources. undertake your proposed trip abroad no earlier than the competition deadline date; not hold, or have held, any other CGS-MSFSS during the course of your graduate studies. Turtle Island, also called North America, from before the arrival of settler peoples until this day. Date and time: Friday, October 9, 2020 at 9 a.m. PST. A. Campbell Young Investigator Award of $5,000 for any kind of research into celiac disease and / or gluten sensitivity is available to students and those who have recently completed degrees. The PhD in Chemistry and Materials Science is a research-intensive graduate program focused on the intellectual development and advanced training of scientists in two fields of specialization: Physical Chemistry, the study of physical principles which govern the … Learn more about the research areas within this program and find research experts by visiting the faculty’s website and the university's Expert Centre. The McMaster Graduate General Bursary Program application opens mid-August. Hold an honours BSc degree in chemistry, physics or engineering, or hold equivalent qualifications as judged by the admissions committee. Please see application deadlines for specific dates. This scholarship is open to students from all academic disciplines, for programs of up to two years in duration, leading to a diploma, postsecondary or post-graduate certificate, or masters degree at a college, technical or vocational institute or university in Canada. Your support is building a better world. Research projects in this leading department are available in most branches of materials science, as well as some aspects of solid state physics and chemistry. Funding will not be provided for research equipment, computer hardware and most software, office supplies, communication costs, medical, toiletry or other personal items. We are thankful to be welcome on these lands in friendship. There are five steps you must go through to complete the application process. for a list of supporting documentation that must be submitted with your application. © University of Ontario Institute of Technology document.write(new Date().getFullYear()). The Materials Science Graduate Program is offered jointly by Trent University and Ontario Tech University (OTU) and leads to the degrees of Master of Science (MSc) in Materials Science and/ or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Materials Science. Established in 2017 by the Labarge Centre for Mobility in Aging, which is funded by a generous gift from Suzanne Labarge, the Labarge Mobility Scholarship is intended to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration in aging research on the broad topic of mobility, which includes both physical and community aspects, such as execution of daily activities and participation in society. Why study Materials Science and Engineering Masters at Birmingham? Materials Science and Engineering involves the study and application of materials and their properties to enable technologies by controlling the structure through systematic synthesis and subsequent processing routes. They are merit-based scholarships for students with an A- or above average. : (514) 398-4755 Fax: (514) 398-4492 The academic placement must be carried out on a full-time basis at a recognized Canadian postsecondary institution located in Canada. Ontario Tech and Design, and Tech with a Conscience are Official Marks of Ontario Tech University. Oravas was a professor emeritus is the department of civil engineering, whose research interests included engineering mechanics and structural engineering. Prospective Postdoctoral Fellows are invited to submit a research plan that focuses on interdisciplinary, impact-driven approaches in the study of optimal aging through one or more of the following research areas: Established in 2020 the McMaster University Retirees Association (MURA). The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering offers Master of Science degrees in: MSc in Chemical Engineering. As such, the graduate program in Materials Science is designed to be a doctoral program and students are only admitted into the doctoral program. importantly, we acknowledge that the history of these lands has been tainted by poor treatment and a lack of In making the recommendation of these awards, MIRA requires confirmation that the supervisor and/or program will commit to matching the level of support for the recipient in the second year of enrollment in the graduate degree. Priority will be given to students intending research in Canadian industry or industrial problems. Degree requirements are as follows: A minimum of 30 units of Materials Science and Engineering (MATSCI) course work, including core and lab courses... Of these 30 units of Materials Science requirements, students must include a or b. The Dante Cosma Graduate Memorial Scholarship was established in 1997 by family, friends and colleagues of Dr. Dante Cosma, in recognition of his years of service in the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University, and to his support of engineering students in their pursuit of higher education. OSAP is used to demonstrate financial need. Masters Programmes The future society needs more durable, lightweight and environmentally friendly materials. The program is offered in collaboration with Trent University. GSA Travel Awards are funded from the proceeds of the GSA Development Fund, which is sustained by contributions from Graduate Students and the University. This fund support upper-level doctoral students with research activities and conference travel when a paper is being delivered. have accepted or currently hold one of the following CGS awards: Frederick Banting and Charles Best (CIHR); or. many Indigenous nations and peoples. All funds are fully accountable. The Ontario Graduate Scholarship for International Students is by nomination only. Required test scores for English language proficiency: Integrated Academic-Research Plan 2019-2021, Policy Against Violence, Sexual Violence, Harassment and Discrimination, Ontario Tech's plan for addressing incidents of sexual violence, Ontario Tech's Role in Reconciliation: Options and Opportunities in Indigenizing Curricula, President's Indigenous Reconciliation Task Force Status Report, Office of the University Secretary and General Counsel, Indigenous Education and Cultural Services, Centre for Institutional Quality Enhancement, Office of Institutional Research and Analysis, Vice-President, Research & Innovation Les Jacobs, Research Institutes, Centres, Groups and Infrastructure, Storytelling – Research and Collaboration, COVID-19: Office of Vice-President Research – Research Updates, Return to On-Campus Research - Process and Application, Research Responsibility and Accountability, Undergraduate Research Awards Recognition Event. Applicants must have completed their comprehensive exam. Final complete applications will be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies by the student’s department. Higher education lecturer 4. Materials Science is a broad multi-disciplinary area of science that lies at the intersection of physics and chemistry and includes many sub-fields including nanotechnology, electronic materials, surface science, biomaterials and materials characterization. Building strategically on our diverse expertise in materials, in collaboration with local and … A comprehensive list of funding sources and agencies for postdoctoral fellows in the Faculty of Health Sciences and those doing health-related research can be found on the Health Sciences website. 6209 [email protected], 2000 Simcoe Street NorthOshawa, Ontario L1G 0C5Canada. For current, specific fees and details on flat-fee versus fee-per-credit programs, please see tuition and fees. Registration fees, for virtual events at which you will be presenting, will be the only costs for which you can be reimbursed. Faculty of Science 905.721.3050 [email protected], 905.721.8668 ext. The requirements for the MSc degree consist of: successful completion of course work, participation in seminars, completion of the ethics course ENGG 600, and A multidisciplinary team of researchers at McMaster University have discovered a structural feature of human bone that has never been studied before under a microscope, bringing scientists closer to advancing bone implants and treatments for bone diseases. Graduate students at the Masters level studying at a publicly-funded, accredited Canadian university are eligible to apply. About the course. To facilitate exchange of expertise and knowledge in data science across faculties. The Dr. J. To provide trainees with an opportunity to acquire practical and theoretical skills in data science. Materials Science & Engineering is about unravelling the fundamental principles governing the behavior of materials to enable technologies across a broad range of applications. The same letter may be submitted with each application from a single department/program. The interdisciplinary field of materials science, also commonly termed materials science and engineering, is the design and discovery of new materials, particularly solids. For eligibility criteria, award values, application details and deadlines, visit the Fulbright website. Biomaterials and computational nanobiophysics, Corrosion science and oxidation technologies and applications, Computer simulation in nanoscience and renewable energy, Materials for photovoltaics and other energy-related applications, Proton exchange membrane fuel cell materials and processes, Reinforced composites with superior mechanical properties, Teaching assistantships, research assistantships and graduate research assistantships. NSERC cooperates with the JSPS by receiving and processing applications, and by nominating candidates to the JSPS. To be granted to a full-time or part-time graduate student in one of the following faculties: Engineering, Health Sciences, and Humanities, Science, Social Sciences, or the PhD program in Business. To be awarded by the School of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging to a graduate student working in the field of aging on the topic of mobility. You will study for example biomaterials, nanomaterials, smart materials, polymers, composites, electronics, energy generation and storage as well as green and sustainable materials. With new technologies assisting scientists to see the world on a whole new level, materials science has become increasingly important and essential. Please note: The McMaster Graduate General Bursary Program is not open to international students enrolled in graduate studies, MBA, medicine or physician assistant programs. The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) and The Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology (QEII-GSST) programs provide funding to full-time students at the master’s and doctoral levels. or the social impact, social sciences or design sciences related to these areas, and is designed to provide a unique experiential, international travel program designed by the student to engage diverse sectors, advance their research, learn from a range of contexts and cultures, and bring their learning back to Canada. Students are required to complete an outcomes assessment (of their own design, proposed in the application) within 30 days after the student’s return. The H.Vincent Elliott Memorial Travel Bursary was established in 2010 by Dr. Susan J.Elliott (MA `97 and PhD`92), esteemed former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, professor of Geography and Earth Sciences, and senior research fellow at the United Nations Institute on Water (UNU-IWEH), Environment and Health, in memory of her father, H.Vincent Elliott. These lands remain home to Now, c… Hon. Biomedical engineer 2. The Barkley’s of Avonmore Scholarship was established in 1977 through the generosity of Fred Barkley to assist a student from a developing country to pursue advanced studies at McMaster University. Materials touch on every part of our lives with a wide range of applications from building airplanes to designing tape. ONLY graduate students in the following groups will be considered for a bursary without an OSAP application: students with OSAP government aid restrictions include: provincial and/or federal default restriction, students with a disability taking a reduced course load, students with out-of-province student aid. Awards are for a minimum period of four weeks, and a maximum period of six months. Furthermore, there is a need for trainees to be exposed to both aspects of such research, namely for data science trainees to learn about real life practical projects and for content expert trainees to gain experience in data analysis and management. Please note that conference travel is not permitted. Two OGS-I scholarships are awarded to Indigenous graduate students at McMaster University who face significant financial hardship, with particular priority given to women with family responsibilities. COVID-19 note: Due to the travel restrictions currently in place, many meetings and conferences will be held virtually. Please see the checklist of required documents for a list of supporting documentation that must be submitted with your application. Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents of Canada, and foreign citizens are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The thesis can be conducted in any field (e.g. Traditional Fulbright Canada Student awards are intended for Canadian citizens who are graduate students, prospective graduate students, or promising young professionals who wish to study and/or conduct research in the United States. Graduate students who demonstrate financial need can apply for the McMaster Graduate General Bursary Program. Product/process development scientist 6. For women of any nationality pursuing a PhD, who demonstrate a superior academic record in the field of aerospace-related sciences or aerospace-related engineering. Ontario Graduate Fellowships (OGF) provide funding to full-time students in graduate studies at the masters and doctoral level. It’s a merit-based scholarship for students with an A- or above. 2 pages: overview of the current state of knowledge, research scope and methodology, novelty of contribution) Curriculum Vitae (1-2 pages) and Transcripts, Letter of recommendation from faculty supervisor. For eligibility criteria, award values, application details and deadlines. The applicant and principal supervisor are expected to involve at least two other researchers from two different McMaster faculties (outside of the principal supervisor’s faculty) as mentors in the development of an interdisciplinary research plan. The scholarship is to be awarded to a student in the department of materials science and engineering (MSE) who is deemed to have submitted the most outstanding graduate thesis over the previous two-year period. The Master’s Programme in Materials Research is based on physics, chemistry, biology and medical sciences, mathematics and computer science, all taught in a cohesive, and self-contained way. The QS World University Rankings by Subject are based upon academic reputation, employer reputation and research impact (click here to read the full methodology). Please note: Part-time students are not eligible for the above funding opportunities. The Dr. Walter Smeltzer Memorial Scholarship was established in 2000 by Mrs. Grace Smeltzer in memory of her husband, Dr. Walter William Smeltzer, researcher and professor in Materials Science at McMaster University from 1959 to 1992. Prospective applicants must be well recommended and be accepted by a supervisor who guarantees research assistant support for the duration of the student's program. Dr. Gunhard A.E. Other things being equal, preference will be given to deserving children of employees or former employees of Stelco Ltd. The Robert John Morris Graduate Studies Bursary was established in 1996 by family, friends and colleagues of Robert John Morris. Canadian Graduate Scholarship Master’s or Doctoral (CGS) applicants through McMaster University are automatically considered for these awards. Materials engineer 4. on are covered by the Williams Treaties and are the traditional territory of the Mississaugas, a branch of the The McMaster Institute for Research on Aging funds up to 10 graduate student travel awards per year – five in each round – valued at $500 each for students working with MIRA researchers. These bursaries will be awarded by the School of Graduate Studies to students enrolled in any graduate program who demonstrate financial need. The Oxford MSc by Research in Materials is a master's level research degree programme, typically of two years duration. For all details – eligibility, value, deadlines, etc. The recipient will demonstrate high academic achievement, a proven interest in aging and mobility research, a strong work ethic, a desire to collaborate with diverse disciplines and to participate in research activities with potential benefits to older adults. Two types of the Mackenzie King Scholarship are available to graduates of Canadian universities: the Open Scholarship and the Travelling Scholarship. Our past defines our present, but if we move forward as friends and allies, then it does not have to Postdoctoral researchers to conduct, under the guidance of their hosts, cooperative research with leading research groups; Senior scientists/university professors to participate in cooperative activities with researchers. Whenever possible, preference will be given to Engineering students studying in the area of nuclear engineering or advanced energy systems or, students in the Faculty of Humanities or Faculty of Social Sciences. Microscopic bone discovery holds promise for implants and bone diseases. Our Department Explore our department Why Materials Engineering? Learn more about Indigenous Education and Cultural Services. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis for projects that have clearly defined objectives and methods, and that meet the criteria established. PhD theses will be recognized in even-numbered years, and Master’s theses recognized in odd-numbered years. Patent examiner 6. The Howard P. Whidden Graduate Scholarship was established in 1987, and is open to non-Canadian students from countries of the British Commonwealth. It will be awarded at the discretion of the School of Graduate Studies. Preference will be given to graduate students who are conducting research related to commercial transportation issues and policy, specifically the role of transportation in stimulating regional economic development and trade. The SGS Grant is not intended to replace sources of funding already available from the tri-agencies (CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC), other external granting sources, or internal scholarships and bursaries. The NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowships (PDF) program provides support to a core of the most promising researchers at a pivotal time in their careers. Eligibility criteria, application details and deadlines available on the Canadian Celiac Association website. on weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Winter term will be online: Provost’s letter: 830,000 print books from Library’s collection now digitally available to faculty, students: Tell your research story in the 2020 Three Minute Thesis Competition: Latest information and updates about COVID-19 (coronavirus) from McMaster University, For details about this and other funding opportunities, visit MIRA, The Dr. Gundhard A.E.

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